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‘To put us, and before we talk about the benefits that can make a gluten-free diet, I think it”s important to know exactly what is gluten and why talk about it out of our diet. ᅠGluten, speaking in simple language, is a compound of proteins found in wheat and other grains such as barley and rye. ᅠAnd what we can find common foods gluten? ᅠIn bread, pasta, flour, pies, pastries, etc. ᅠThat is, many of the foods and products we consume regularly. ᅠA diet without this component often lead those who are hard to digest or who have intolerance (or even allergy) to gluten. ᅠTherefore, these people opt for a gluten-free diet if it is essential, as it is the only way of life with a food without any internal problems or physical alteration. However, some say that is fashion, many people told me that has also opted for a diet without gluten, just in case, as it involves certain benefits. It is really true? ᅠAnd which are they? ᅠRemoving gluten from the diet causes the villi to regenerate, improving the capacity of absorption of nutrients by the intestine, besides allowing a proper disposal of wastes and toxins. ᅠMoreover, the beneficial intestinal flora grow and strengthen the immune system. ᅠIt is therefore easy to see, so in theory, it has benefits for the gut and the immune system. ᅠSay, regenerates us inside and we clean. But what works in the long term? ᅠFor example, choose to stop eating meat for a while to abuse it for a few days or holidays also cleanses us in the short term, but it is not beneficial in the long run, as we will be missing some essential nutrients to our body (in For vegetarians it is very important to know these nutrients replace meat with other foods that have them, as are nuts). ᅠThe fact is that a diet without gluten for those who are not allergic or intolerant is not one hundred percent recommended, because they would be losing nutrients. ᅠSo if you”re thinking of opting for a diet without this component, the ideal is to consult a nutritionist who can advise you personally and depending on your needs and characteristics. Maybe it”s recommended for a season’


NEW suplement for quick losing weight>>

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