Astaxanthin: the great secret of Salmon!



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‘Nature itself offers effective antioxidants we can do through our food and, upon reaching maturity, join our arsenal Antiaging with other nutrients and vitamins as supplements high power to help us keep at bay aging, because besides the anti-free radical effect, some of them have really interesting properties. ᅠIn today”s article I would like to introduce our friend astaxanthin-orange-red, the pigment that gives its characteristic shrimp, lobster, prawns and other shellfish color, but above all is highly concentrated in the fins of salmon, that heroic fish swimming uphill to lay their eggs on the source of the river. ᅠSalmon is salmon that eat rich microalgae astaxanthin. ᅠAlgae are protected from the sun thanks to the pigment ! . ᅠIt is a great antioxidant, more powerful than other carotenoids and pigments, far exceeding vitamins C and E. Astaxanthin has the ability to prevent oxidization brain neurons, eyes, skin and many cells in our internal organs. ᅠIt has a very powerful anti-inflammatory power that benefits joint health and health in general’


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