Dairy calcium intake



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‘More and more people comment to me as a nutritionist who have problems with the milk sugar, lactose, or milk proteins, so they stop drinking milk, with the problem that they are one of the main sources of supply calcium in the diet. ᅠIt is for these people and for those who need extra doses of calcium in today”s article I explain that there are foods that also provide calcium without dairy us. ᅠNuts, for example, contain significant doses. ᅠ100 g of almonds have about 250 mg of calcium, which is not bad considering that 100g of cheese provide us with 150-180mg of calcium. ᅠSesame comes easily to 600 mg of calcium per 100g. ᅠAnother food that is good calcium source is oily fish. ᅠFor example the humble sardine tin can reach 400 mg of calcium per 100g. ᅠOysters, not so humble, provide 100 mg calcium / 100g. ᅠLegumes also provide us with calcium addition to proteins, fiber, etc . . For example: 100 g of chickpeas have more than 150 mg of calcium. ᅠAnd finally, vegetables also help us in calcium intake from dairy sources not. ᅠFor example: 100 g spinach, broccoli or spinach give us about 130 mg of calcium. ᅠAlthough the bioavailability, ie availability by our body of calcium from foods mentioned is not the same as milk, it is undeniable that with proper diet can have good levels of this chemical element as essential. ‘


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