Drinks-Milk plant: the alternative to cow’s milk! ᅠ(And lactosisi free! ) – second part



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‘In the first part of this special feature on or vegetable drinks milk as an alternative to cow”s milk for people with lactose intolerance or do not feel well, we saw a general aspect on which they were and their advantages. Today, we go into each and its advantages:

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a very complete and digestive cereal that has great qualities to energy, nutritional and therapeutic level. ᅠ

The drink (milk) Oats has a pleasant taste and is ideal for athletes and students, because it contains concentrations of essential amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

As it is very energy is perfect to regain strength, cope with stress and combat fatigue and insomnia. ᅠIt is suitable for those who for asthma or allergy can not take soy or soy milk drink. ᅠ

Rice: It stimulates the digestive system because during the fermentation of rice drink rice starch breaks and it is a product that regulates intestinal transit. ᅠTherefore it is appropriate for people who have a weak stomach and suffer from slow digestion. ᅠGood option in cases of gastroenteritis, indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea. ᅠBesides clean blood for their contribution magnesium and polyunsaturated fatty acids that keep clean the bloodstream of fatty deposits. ᅠAlso is hypotensive, purifying and helps reduce uric acid levels in the blood. ᅠIt is rich in carbohydrates and energy, contains little calcium (which is why you will see that in the package will + calcium since it has been added) and about half the calories of soy drinks, oatmeal and almonds. ᅠ

Soy: Soy is particularly rich in protein and cereal contains 8 essential amino acids ! . ᅠTheir drink or milk is smooth and sweet flavor. ᅠIts properties are similar to those of cow”s milk, but has less fat is lower and therefore calorie. ᅠEye: People who do not digest well legumes may notice that not assimilate all this drink and they can cause bloating or decomposition. ᅠAlmond: It is digestive and produces fermentation in the gut.

ᅠFor this reason and because it strengthens the bones (due to very good calcium / phosphorus ratio it is very effective during the growing season or to prevent the development of osteoporosis) older people is recommended and all those who have digestion problems. ᅠIt also provides potassium, which makes it suitable in cases of decomposition, vomiting or when taking diuretics. ᅠBy providing oleic acid (the most appropriate for preventing heart attacks) and provide a high percentage of soluble fiber, protects the intestinal wall and regulates the absorption of sugar and cholesterol, protecting the cardiovascular system. ᅠThere are other beverages (or milk) vegetables in the market such as: Spelt: source of minerals. ᅠGood complement of vegetarian diets, strengthens the cardiovascular system, regulates intestinal transit but . . . contains gluten!

Attention: not suitable for celiac!according to WHO similar to that of cow”s milk, helps eliminate toxins and waste thanks to its high content of protein fiber rich, and contains no gluten! ᅠ


Therefore it is perfect for celiac ! . ᅠAnd hazelnuts, chestnuts, kamut, etc . . ‘


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