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‘The brain requires a balanced diet to function well, so to think, learn and remember, we eat foods that contain the nutrients your mind needs to be awake. ᅠRemember that there are vitamins and minerals that are directly involved in concentration, memory, mental performance and mood. ᅠIf the body lacks them, it will be much harder for your brain perform at its best. Glucose is the fuel of the brain. ᅠThe energy source of the brain are just sugar and no fat, you understand now that when a person faints by a fainting or dizziness give sugar to revive? . . The proteins contained in animal foods, especially in the liver and seafood, contribute to the regulation of brainpower and mood. ᅠSome studies show that a diet rich in carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, flour, milk, cereals) helps relieve anxiety. ᅠA good diet should include an adequate supply of minerals under the benefits they offer the body. ᅠCalcium, for example, involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, iron and affects performance in transporting oxygen to the cells, and zinc appears to be related to the activity of the brain neurotransmitters. ᅠFor calcium should eat milk and dairy products, while iron can be found in meats, organ meats, legumes and nuts. ᅠOysters, shellfish, lamb and legumes are rich in zinc. ᅠAll B vitamins are involved in the process of production of neurotransmitters, specifically B1 (pork and brewer”s yeast), B6 ? ? (melon, chicken and banana) and B12 (liver, eggs and cheese). ᅠThe latter is very important to counteract stress and strengthen the intellectual agility. ᅠEssential food for the mind: Some essential nutrients to keep our mind to a higher level of performance, are: Vitamin-B1 (thiamine) – found in beans, grains, seeds, brewer”s yeast, liver. ᅠ-Magnesium – In nuts, peas -Potassium – in spinach, raisins, dates, citrus fruits, broccoli, avocado, beans Vitamin-B3 (niacin) – milk, fish, peas, sunflower seeds and flax, whole grains, yeast beer. ᅠ- Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) – liver, soy, tuna, beans, yeast – Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) – liver, oysters, fish, egg yolk, dairy products. ᅠ- Vitamin C – citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, green vegetables, kiwi – Copper – seafood, nuts, seeds, cherries, strawberries, honey – Zinc – on dates, figs, egg yolk, fish, oysters, carrots, peas , oats, wheat germ, sesame seeds – Tryptophan – milk – Tyrosine-in beans, pumpkin seeds – Colina – in tofu, egg yolk, oatmeal, cauliflower, cabbage Hill in particular is very important because, in addition It is a constituent part of acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter in the brain. ᅠSome studies indicate that it may help in some cases of impairment or memory loss in older people. ᅠAn easy way to supplement the diet with choline is using lecithin. ᅠLecithin is available in pellet form and eating two to four tablespoons twice daily. Phosphatidylserine which is one of the nutrients that has aroused more interest in recent years. ᅠIt is a special kind of fatty substance used by the body to, among other things, maintain the health of nerve cells. ᅠBrain cells contain a large amount of this substance, especially in the cell membrane, but its concentration decreases with age. ᅠConsidering that the cell membrane has important functions ranging from regulating substances into and out of the cell and the internal composition of these we can begin to suspect that phosphatidylserine is of great importance for brain activity. In fact, experiments conducted recently been observed that can help improve memory and cognitive abilities, especially among older people. At present it is only possible to get extracted from soy. ᅠWhile the genetic aspect is a determining factor, feeding highly influences the brain function, especially in the long term. ᅠCholine and phosphatidylcholine, for example, contained mainly in cauliflower, beef steak, egg and nuts contribute to the production of acetylcholine, which specifically improves memory and cognitive processes and the response spatial tests , language or association peers. ᅠNorepinephrine, meanwhile, it is synthesized from two amino acids, phenylalanine and Ltirosina. ᅠThe first-and most important-it is present mainly in animal protein and all dairy. ᅠIn this case a direct association with the states of alert is observed, so if we eat foods rich in these amino acids will be possible to be more awake and have a faster response to stimuli. ᅠFinally we found that the amino acid tryptophan name (also present in both plant and animal proteins) involved in the synthesis of serotonin, which, unlike the norepinephrine leads to a sedated state, causes the person to relax, Drowsy and increase the state of depression. ᅠIdeally, to achieve good mental performance is to eat protein (chicken, fish, meat) and then carbohydrates first, because that amino acids enter the blood, they go straight to the brain without interactions and produce norepinephrine. ᅠThis is the right way to stimulate the brain process. ᅠOf course, we must not forget another important point as it is the amount of food to eat, because if too much blood will be concentrated in the digestive tract to help digest and absorb food eaten, and irrigation to other body parts will be smaller, even in the brain. ᅠWhen any type of protein is consumed at lunch, the performance is not equal and sleepy afternoon. ᅠCertainly, grains or fish run much more than a plate of pasta. ᅠIn addition to the order with the food we eat, to respect meal times helps a lot in performance. ᅠFor example, a good breakfast is essential, and if the difference in hours between lunch and dinner is considerable, it is recommended to take a snack. ‘


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