foodS THAT HELP prevent or alleviate COLDS



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Although not a serious disease, the annoying colds perhaps the most common disease of mankind and can be given at any time of year. ᅠAbove all we must go for a balanced and varied diet that provides essential nutrients. ᅠYou should try to eat foods naturally (raw or fresh juices) group status fruits and vegetables to get the most vitamins and minerals without being lost by cooking processes such as cooking (and then take the broth generated will be a good option). ᅠThe yellow-orange and green leafy vegetables (chard, spinach, . . ) or egg yolk are rich in vitamin A or provitamin A (carotenes), natural barriers that strengthen your body against infection and protect mucosa . ᅠCitrus fruits, red peppers, tomatoes and potatoes are foods rich in vitamin C, which increase blood cytokines, which stimulate cellular immunity. ᅠOlive oil, whole grains, legumes . . bring lots of vitamin E, whose antioxidant action helps restore the immune system. ᅠThe lack of minerals such as iron and zinc, can also affect your defenses. ᅠIron is found in red meat, liver, legumes, etc . . and zinc in eggs, shellfish and wheat germ. ᅠFinally comment that selenium, an essential and fundamental to the production of antioxidants and good response of our immune system nutrient is found in nuts.


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