Nutricolorimetria: diet colors! PRACTICAL EXAMPLE: MULTI food PLAN



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‘At the request of many and many of you, faithful followers and supporters of the nutritionist at home, you have done come across mails, as a summary of the 6 chapters that have talked about the nutricolorimetra will expose you a practical example, multicolor meal plan for a day. The diet aims to combine colors all groups commented during different meals, including lots of vegetables and fruits in order to include all properties and nutrients the body needs. A colorful equals healthy eating every day a unit of each color as it is a major help to keep our body away from diseases. Each color denotes properties and certain nutrients that provide benefits to our health. Even many vitamins are both pigments. Moreover, all plants possess some organic pigments called carotenoids. Carotenoids cover a wide range of colors ranging from yellow to bright red and are what give it its tone to tomatoes, peppers, squash, carrots, etc . . . These natural pigments have antioxidant properties (ie, avoid damaged cells) and, when absorb, the body has the ability to convert carotenoids (alpha and beta) of vitamin A, which is essential for bone health, skin, vision and proper functioning immune system. In other words, eating fruits and vegetables, which are also low in calories and fat and rich in minerals and fibers regardless of their color, it”s very good for the body. In addition, it is recommended to collect various colors on the same plate, as this ensures the incorporation of a variety of nutrients. For example, if in one meal combine tomato, lettuce and rice (red, green and white) we are including carbohydrates, fiber, lycopene, vitamin C, minerals such as iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium and others. Example 5 shots or meals as I always recommend my nutritional coaching sessions / as customers nutritionist House: BREAKFAST (yellow-orange): A banana or 1 cup orange juice MEDIA MORNING (blue-purple) : A bunch of grapes or a couple of plums food (green, red and white): skinless chicken (fat), rice, green salad with tomatoes and onions SNACK (red or orange): An apple, 1 glass of juice strawberry or a few strawberries or a carrot. DINNER (white, green): spinach, roasted fish, yogurt. COLORFUL SUGGESTIONS: 1. Include carrots, beets or squash because they are a way to enhance the flavor of dishes and increase the consumption of vegetables. 2 Be creative in preparing the dishes and make good unique dishes: Example, you can be added to salad foods like peas, corn, beans or red and yellow peppers. Or make a varied red peppers, eggplant, onion, pineapple and broccoli dish. 3- Eat food every day each color 4- Add a habit to eat a fruit or vegetable as a snack mid-morning or afternoon snack instead of whims sweets and fats such as pastries. ‘


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