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The Mediterranean diet has emerged as solid alternative to malnutrition and obesity, for beneficial to rely on fresh foods and avoid saturated fats, at the Second International Conference on nutrition (CIN2) held in Rome. It is a balanced diet, composed of natural and healthy foods, mainly based on vegetable ingredients, such as cereals, olive oil, fruits and vegetables or wine, but also includes meat and low-fat dairy. ᅠSome virtues recognized by UNESCO, which considers a well Intangible Heritage of Humanity. ᅠThe traditional Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet with healthy ingredients. ᅠAnd a healthy diet is for WHO, the best way to combat all forms of malnutrition that threaten public health worldwide. ᅠIn fact, the reason the Mediterranean diet study was that around the fifties of the last century, various international experts wanted to delve into the reasons why the Mediterranean countries had less heart disease and found to be in widespread use olive oil. ᅠThe primary fat is olive oil, the ingredient that makes the difference in this diet is that the cultures of the Mediterranean Sea using the liquid gold rather than other saturated fats, an ingredient that has a higher quality and kept under control cardiovascular risks, due to its unsaturated acids. ᅠThe wine, considered the historical drink the Mediterranean, is the natural accompaniment of the typical menu of southern Europe, nutrient drink diuretic, antioxidant, laxative and farmers traditionally consumed at meals. ᅠThe distinctive wine included in this diet, usually red, is its low alcohol content compared with other liqueurs and spirits. ᅠBesides being natural, foods of the Mediterranean diet, which basically is considered typical of USA, Italy, Greece and Morocco, are minimally processed, refined sugars are not and the meat is consumed infrequently. ᅠSome eating habits, however, were those of the fifties but are less so now, as the Mediterranean cultures have come to believe that their own food from rich countries are better than cooked by our mothers and grandmothers. ᅠToday, the WHO says that people consume too caloric load food, saturated and trans fats, excess sugar and salt and lack of fruits, vegetables and fiber. ᅠA change that have also influenced the habits of life of the XXI century, which requires eating out, there is a very high supply of fast food restaurants and also is a rather sedentary life. ᅠThus, it should promote the sustainability of the traditional Mediterranean diet as an integral part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle should be combined with exercise on a regular and moderate


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