Soursop, a potent anticancer semidesconocido



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Soursop, also popularly known as soursop or Brazilian cherimoya, is considered one of the most powerful anticancer natural world. This is due to the high concentration of acetogenins having this fruit, very popular in South America, which have a strong ability to fight cancer. The bark, fruits, leaves and roots of the soursop, acting on the cells of our body, so that the leaves of the tree can destroy cancer cells, and act like chemotherapy without side effects such as weight loss, hair loss, etc . . All parts of the tree are used for natural medicine, bark, fruits, roots, leaves, and seeds, whole tree is beneficial to humans. According to research that has been done, this substance present in the fruit would help to fight cancer cells. These investigations have shown that the leaves of this tree are the most important to destroy cancer cells. In fact, a study performed in Purdue University (Indiana, USA), demonstrated that acetogenins can selectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Guanbana acts against breast cancer, colon, ovaries, lymph, thyroid, liver, prostate, pancreas, kidney, and lungs. It is also estimated that graviola or soursop has characteristics such as being antiseptic, antibacterial, vasodilator, hypotensive and sedative, among other qualities.


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