Stevia, the natural sweetener!



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While we should all get used to not add salt or sugar or our dishes, since it with salt and sugar content of food is enough, for those who need to put sugar in your coffee, etc. . os commented: The organic natural sweeteners have more flavor, more nutrients and fewer calories than refined white sugar, and a small amount sufficient to sweeten any food. ᅠStevia (Stevia or green sugar), is the preferred natural sweetener, but as healthy alternatives to refined white sugar or chemical sweeteners (eg saccharin) Also you can use brown sugar, molasses, syrups and syrups, although its caloric content exceeds Stevia. ᅠStevia Stevia or above (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) now begins to sound or be healthier fashion as natural sweetener, it can be eaten fresh or processed or any of its presentations (eg as crystalline). ᅠIt is a plant species from the tropical regions of Latin America for several decades that is grown for its sweetening properties and low caloric content. ᅠIt contains a blend of sweeteners in the leaves, and the largest concentration is stevioside, a glycoside that is, attention, about 300 times sweeter than sucrose (0. 4% solution). ᅠThat is, a smaller amount of natural sweetener provides the same sensation of sweetness as sucrose in a greater proportion. ᅠAnother good news is that Stevia is safe for diabetics! ᅠIt is a substance 100% natural, with little calories, and it does not affect the blood glucose concentration, making it safe for diabetics and very useful in low calorie diets as we do in The nutritionist at Home.


NEW suplement for quick losing weight>>

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